Private Medical Insurance

This benefit allows for the prompt diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, which may result in employees returning to good health much quicker than may otherwise have been the case, reducing associated absence costs.

Although traditionally provided for senior staff, the availability of this benefit for all staff at an affordable cost is widely recognised.

Budget is always an important consideration and to ensure this benefit remains affordable, there are variations to the benefit basis we can consider when designing or reviewing your benefit structure.

As part of the scheme design, we will consider the following

Medical underwriting terms
The level of excess and how it is applied
Benefits limited by insurers
Benefits that can be tailored to your needs
Hospitals your employees will have access to
Linking the scheme with NHS services

Cover can also be provided for employees’ partners and family if required. It should be noted that this is a P11D benefit.

With recent increases in insurance premium tax, employers are carefully considering options in relation to private medical insurance schemes, utilising other benefits to improve and support the scheme and, in some cases, using a Trust.

Jobson James will undertake an audit of your benefits and produce a report identifying any cost savings that can be made, improvements that could be considered and additions that could be offered. This will ensure your employee benefits package covers the main areas affecting wellbeing:

Preventative benefits

Rehabilitation benefits

Financial wellbeing

Having benefits in all of these areas will create a complete benefits solution, beneficial to both the employer and employees.

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