Absence Management

The reasons for absence in the workplace and the situations each business will be faced with as a result will always vary. However, mental health and musculoskeletal disorders remain two of the most common reasons employees are unable to work.

By managing employee absence effectively, you will achieve the following objectives

Less management time needed to manage an absence
Reduced pressure on other employees to cover workloads
Reduced need to employ temporary staff
Maintain and improve morale

How effective are your line managers in identifying whether a staff member is suffering from the effects of stress, a musculoskeletal complaint or with cancer?

Awareness and early intervention of an employee showing signs of being unwell or unable to cope, are key to supporting the employee and limiting the impact of their condition on the business.

A number of ad hoc services are available that will support your business as situations should arise. These include but are not limited to:

Jobson James will work with you to ensure you have a solution specifically designed to address the challenges faced by your own business and employees.

At the start of working with any client or potential client, we undertake an audit of the benefits that are in place and understand how these work with your current business and to support your employees. We work to understand your sickness absence records so we can ensure that any benefit solution will meet your needs.

Jobson James will undertake an audit of your benefits and produce a report identifying any cost savings that can be made, improvements that could be considered and additions that could be offered. This will ensure your employee benefits package covers the main areas affecting wellbeing:

Preventative benefits

Rehabilitation benefits

Financial wellbeing

Having benefits in all these areas will result in a complete benefits solution, which is of great value to both employer and employees.

To discuss your own requirements, please contact Karen Long on
0121 452 8765 or email karen.long@jobson-james.co.uk.